We removed all electronics from the Fliteboard. This makes it maintenance free, simpler and easier servicing, improves corrosion resistance and reduces weight

The Ultra is a 4’2” pocket rocket for advanced riders only (54 litres). Built on the core technologies that set Fliteboard apart, it’s smaller, lighter and would leave other eFoils in it’s wake (if it left any wake). Includes leash plug and optional footstraps.

We increased grip performance, designed lighter weight custom latches and colour coordinated it all, because we’re particular that way. After all, ‘good enough’, is not good enough.

We optimised the wireless communication from Flitebox to allow the RF signal to travel through the board (patent pending) to ensure improved connectivity.

We’ve introduced new colours (Flite Green, Silver, Pebble and Dark Green) as well as a high gloss finish to the carbon Innegra paired with a contrasting upper matte finish.

By reducing the length of the inflatable AIR by 15cm, this makes it easier to ride (reduced swing weight and less affected by wind) while still maintaining buoyancy.

Integrated lightbar displays through the board providing detailed system communication to the rider (on and off the water).

eFoil propulsion unit

This allows for better positional accuracy and improved metrics.

We improved the hydrodynamics of our tail fin by reducing it’s weight, and refining the design to minimise drag.

Reduced wires and replaced with wireless communications.

Less tools required to quickly and easily add/remove the prop.

Flitecell (batteries)

Increased cell spacing for better thermal management and thermal runaway resistance. New lid sealing system and gaskets.

Software improvements keep battery at safe optimum levels.

New more robust, lighter weight injection moulded battery case for increased protection and reduce the potential for corrosion.

We’re using high discharge cells to improve performance, and extend ride times.

No more cables or plugs.

Flite Controller

Refined internal circuitry for better low power management.

Refined charging pins and improved charger.

Improved arming methodology for safety.

Stronger wireless connection to eFoil established.


Race 700 The name says it all. If fast carves and top speed is your thing, this 50km/h wing is for you. Performs best in Pro Mode with the prop duct removed.

Flow 1300 The ultimate wing for powered off wave gliding with our True Glide prop. Flow 1300 takes off early and glides, and glides. Despite it’s large size (1m span) it’s agile and responsive in turns.

Flow 1100 The most versatile Flow wing. Large enough for wave glides and high turns at slow speeds, small enough to push fast.

Flow 900 Fastest surf wing for bigger waves and high speeds. Carve hard in flat water with a very loose and responsive feel.

Flow S 1300 This wing lets you ride slow and throw your Fliteboard around in wild turns, and catch waves.

Flow S 1100 This super-snappy wing is at a size that allows slow speed riding, but still with the ability to push hard.

Flow S 900 A wild wing that is the loosest of them all. For the most responsive ride possible at medium to fast speeds, try the Flow S 900.

Cruiser 1800 Our largest and most stable wing used at Fliteschools around the world. Suits beginners, heavier riders and those wanting a more docile ride. Early take-off and slow to medium cruising.

500 stabiliser – suitable for schools and new foilers

Flow 250 stabiliser – matched for the surf wings

Race 200 stabiliser – matched for our race wings

All new wing bags for all wings and stabilisers.


The True Glide prop allows you to ride waves with the motor turned off.

Revised app with functionality for Series 1 and 2, including Android.