Built for the toughest adventures. Even learning.

€10.400 excl. VAT, excl. shipping

Our most buoyant, stable and durable board. Perfect for families, yachts, Fliteschools and resorts.

Zero to hero.
Guaranteed to fly.

Share the AIR

The AIR is ideal for sharing with family and friends.

It’s lighter weight, easier to transport, tough and forgiving.

Plus, it’s a great addition to any yacht.

AIR simple, commercial grade.


Soft, easy to rollup for storage.


Extra width and length make your first moves easier and safer.


Built tough to withstand the rigours of daily use from Fliteschools and yachts.


Air comes with our shorter 60cm mast for a more forgiving ride.


150 litres volume comfortably supports heavier riders. Lay, kneel, stand with room to move.

Share the joy

Teach family or share with friends.

We don’t believe in throw-away culture

We manufacture to commercial grade. Not only do we use the toughest materials, we also have an extensive network of service partners to keep you on the water for years to come. Conscious consumption is important, so we build Fliteboards to last.

Virtual gears make learning a breeze

Fliteboard developed (and patented) the virtual gears system with cruise control, that makes it easy for first time foilers to fly for the first time. Set the speed and be free to balance on the wing, not balance the throttle. Just one of many features that make Flite Controller the smartest and smallest eFoil hand controller, and the choice of schools and yachts worldwide.

Light like air, strong like wind

Advanced materials and construction create a durable, lightweight board. PVC-coated drop-stitch material inflates up to 15-16 psi for superior buoyancy and paddling performance.

Pumped and ready to go

AIR is compact, easy to transport, set-up and ride. Any body of water (more than one metre deep) becomes a playground to explore. Unlike other powered craft, the quiet electric motor and zero wake hydrofoil won’t disturb other water users.

Interchangeable Wings.
From slow cruising to life in the fast lane.

The AIR isn’t just for beginners. If you outgrow the bigger Cruiser wing, you can pimp your ride with one of our higher performance wings.

What’s in the complete configuration?