Slide These innovative features set Fliteboard apart. Fly higher, faster,
further, longer.
Series 2 Technical Changes


Ride higher and turn harder with our unique subsurface design

Unibody fuselage puts the motor in line with the main wing for a ride like no other.


What’s so special about the unibody fuselage?

It’s kind of a big deal. Integrating the foil and motor (instead of clamping it to the mast) results in the most balanced, responsive and efficient electric hydrofoil in the market. This means advanced riders can turn harder, explore further, ride faster, or have the ultimate pitch control on a wave face. It also allows beginners to learn more easily.

Perfect balance

Motor thrust inline with the main wing aligns forces to create better balance. Just like a mid engine car.

Smart mast

We use aircraft grade aluminium not just for it’s strength, but it also functions as a heatsink to cool the motor (so we don’t require cooling tubes). It works so well, we patented it.

Ride higher

Positioning the motor at the base of the hydrofoil lets you ride higher. The propeller stays under the water, where it should be. Two mast options let you choose your ride height.


The motor postion, small diameter motor and gearbox provode maximum efficiency for maximum ride time.

Turn harder

The motor position also allows you to turn harder without breaching the motor.

World’s fastest

When you’re riding close to 60km/h inches above the water you want to make darn sure you’re on the best performing eFoil available.

Let’s talk torque
The smallest motor with the best performance.

Perfect Propulsion

Art and science

Our Unibody Fuselage design is highly awarded and on display in the design museum in Essen, Germany. But form follows function; you wont find a better ride.

Reliable gearbox

We didn’t use any gearbox – it’s Neugart, developed in Germany for Fliteboard for unmatched torque output. It’s never failed on us. So it won’t fail on you.

Machined to perfection

Each fuselage is machined to perfection from a single block of aluminium. It’s a 15 hour process. No one said creating the world’s best eFoil would be easy.

Reinforced propeller

We use a lightweight fibre reinforced propeller for less moving mass, better safety, balance and no vibration.

60mm motor

We use the smallest diameter motor on the market for greater hydrodynamic efficiency.


Customise your eFoil propulsion system with different propellers, propeller guards, wings and shims.

Get in sync with Fliteboard

The Virtual Gear System

is just one of many features that makes Flite Controller

the world’s smartest eFoil controller.


Your ultimate co-pilot

Flite Controller is an award winning ergonomic designed waterproof handheld remote that provides intuitive control and real-time performance information to the rider.

Smart and connected

Bluetooth connectivity with integrated GPS, dual IMU (accelerometer) and sophisticated ride telemetry.

Trip computer

Monitors (and predicts) battery consumption, ride time and distance, displays max speed, power usage and more.

Cruise Control

(Patented) Virtual Gears let you balancing the foil and not the trigger – to make learning easy and fun. Precise trigger control is available for advanced riders.

Magnetic charging

No plugs to connect, just snap on the charging magnet.

High contrast data display

Easy to read in bright sunlight, the high contrast display presents a wide range of information at the touch of a button.

Easy to grasp

Flite Controller comes with a floating wrist strap so you’ll never lose it, and be free to use both hands when carrying your board.

GPS + Bluetooth

Bluetooth connectivity with integrated GPS, dual IMU (accelerometer) and data logging.

High contrast data display

Sophisticated ride telemetry: Speed, distance, battery time and range, efficiency (energy per kilometer) and more.

Magentic Charging

No plugs to connect, just snap on the charging magnet.

Magnetic On-Off

The magnet in the Flite Controller activates the board’s on-off power switch

Cruise Control

Proprietary algorithms provide launch assist, cruise control and auto shut-off functions (patented).

Customise your ride
Interchangeable wings allow you to easily customise your ride. Built from high compression, moulded, pre-impregnated carbon fibre for maximum stiffness and strength

Parametrically Designed Wings

Designed by experts

Developed by qualified Naval Architects with world leading hydrodynamic and aeronautical design experience.

Rider tested

Ridden, tested and tuned by world leading watersports professionals, sailors (and commercial Fliteschools).

Parametrically designed

Developed using complex computer models similar to those used by America’s Cup teams.

Beginner to advanced

Stability for beginners, radical response for waves, streamlined efficiency for range, low drag for speed.

Multi section design

Each wing utilises a number of refined sections to achieve precise performance characteristics.

Carbon construction

Sophisticated construction layup and materials for strength, stiffness, durability and minimal weight.

Choose your own adventure

Cruiser range
— Beginner friendly
— Stable
— Early takeoff
Flow Range
— High aspect
— Loose & responsive
— High glide
— Great for waves
Flow S Range
— Medium aspect
— Extreme roll rate
— Great for waves
Speed Range
— Stable at speed
— Locked in carves
— Low drag, high speed
Think inside the box
This patented plug ‘n play system
avoids data cables.
No electronics in the board means less fuss.


Plug and play simplicity

Our Flitebox system is manufactured from hard anodised aluminium and complete with finned heatsink for optimised cooling it avoids the need for complex water cooling tubes found on other systems. Also inside Flitebox is a powerful onboard computer that coordinates data from multiple sources for an optimised rider experience.

Illuminate your ride
Lightbar brings Fliteboard
to life with an LED light array.


It’s an eFoil not an eBoard

We’ve taken all electronics out of the board. So there’s less to go wrong. And less to maintain.
We also made the Flitebox even smarter with a lightbar for instant communication to the rider.

World’s most advanced portable marine battery
Not all batteries are the same.
To fly faster, further and longer,
you need the right power.


Flitecell excells

Premium quality cells, designed for high discharge combined with our world class Battery Management System keep you going. And going.

Flitecell Sport

— 60+ min run time

— 30Ah / 1.65KWh capacity

— 11kg / 19.3 lbs

Flitecell Explore

— 90+ min run time

— 40Ah / 2.1KWh capacity.

— 14kg / 30.6 lbs


Safety goes without saying.

— Advanced Battery Management System: ensures safe charging and temperature control.
— Sight glass: allows you to see if any moisture has entered the battery compartment. It’s IP67 rated, so not likely.
— In charge: One of best battery chargers on the market – proven, safe and reliable.

Relive every ride
Flite App delivers new features
with over the air updates.
Flite track lets you visualise,
replay and share rides.


‘Appy Days

We recommend using Flite App to ensure your board and controller always have the latest software to deliver the best performance.

Updated Features

Software updates include new features and performance improvements

Diagnostic Reports

Easily send diagnostic information to Fliteboard

Performance Statistics

Track your ride distances, speed, roll, pitch, power and battery stat

Help Documentation

Quickly access our Troubleshooting Guide and Knowledge Base

GPS Flitetrack

Visualise, replay and share rides

Better design
= better perfomance
Details matter.
Continual refinement
is our obsession.

The most nuanced elements have been refined, from improving the comfort and traction of our deck grips to updating the Flitecontroller circuitry for optimum low-power management. Details you might not notice, but will certainly appreciate.

Updated Features

Software updates include new features and performance improvements

Diagnostic Reports

Easily send diagnostic information to Fliteboard

Performance Statistics

Track your ride distances, speed, roll, pitch, power and battery stat

Help Documentation

Quickly access our Troubleshooting Guide and Knowledge Base

GPS Flitetrack

Visualise, replay and share rides

Which Fliteboard is right for you?


— 5’8″ 100 litres
— Bestseller
— Versatile
— Early planing

All riders


— 5’0″ 67 litres
— Reduced swing weight
— Enthusiasts choice
— Moderate planing

Confident starters to experts


— 4’2″ 54 litres
— World’s smallest
— Optional footstraps
— Late planing

Expert riders


— 6’0″ 150 litres
— Rugged inflatable
— Buoyant & stable

Beginner friendly, yachts & resorts, families, heavier riders