Game on

€10.400 excl. VAT, excl. shipping

With superior responsiveness, the Pro is purposefully designed for those with previous board-sports experience.

Time to turn PRO

Worth the weight

The smaller PRO board makes it easier for lighter weight riders
to enjoy and advanced riders to throw it around rivers, lakes and waves with ease.

Pro features

Built to perform

As the sport of eFoiling grows, we expect to see many PRO riders on the podium.

Talk the torque

Our integrated propulsion unit delivers unmatched torque output.


If you want to share a more stable board with friends and keep your precious PRO to yourself, simply attach a 100l Fliteboard (board only) to your existing foil.

75cm mast

We recommend the longer mast for carving harder and tighter in the turns with the freedom of greater lean angles.

5 foot, 67 litres

Agile and responsive. The board becomes an effortless extension of the rider.

Crafted by hand

The board has soul. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that our factory is in Byron Bay, Australia.

Put the PRO board in Pro Mode

By removing the prop duct and adding our Pro Tail cover you can increase performance and agility.

We call this ‘Pro mode’. It’s an optional extra – but once you try it, you won’t look back.

sub-surface design

The 75cm mast with patented unibody fuselage lets you ride higher and turn harder. Having motor thrust in-line with the main wing creates unbeatable balance and responsiveness.

Carbon Construction

Aircraft-grade aluminium with Carbon Innegra for lightweight, strength and rigidity. Built to perform under pressure.
Anodised masts available in matte black or silver finish.

Wings for days

With ten wings and four stabilisers to choose from, your quiver of riding options is unmatched. We recommend them all, but the Flyer wing is our original performance wing and a good place for PRO riders to start.

There’s an App for that

Flite App provides software updates and unlocks advanced features and detailed metrics from the trip computer, including GPS Flitetrack so you can relive each ride.

What’s in the complete configuration?